Tips To Help Relieve Sciatica And Leg Pain At Home.


Tips to help relieve Sciatica at home.

Sciatica is a very common condition that doesn’t always require an expensive trip to the doctors, here’s

1. Weight lose.

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Losing weight has a number of health benefits, after all sciatica isn’t the only thing you should be worried about, if your sporting “Giggly Thighs with a side of Ba-donka-donk Butt”. It’s time to lose weight.

Whit the overwhelming number of growing waistlines, it’s no wonder sciatica is becoming a all to common condition plaguing our lower backs.

Being over weight places extra pressure on your lower back, especially for men, because we have a tendency to carry our extra weight above the waistline.

What this means fellas is its time to cut that extra piece of morning bacon, and that after dinner ice-cream, this applies to you as well ladies that means no more Over priced high calorie coffees every morning.

If your back is to sore for execrcise then just start by eating healthier and if your capable….

….Go hit the gym, do some low impact weight training and cardio like swimming, or just take a walk the point is get out and get active, your sciatica will thank you for it.

2. Go get a massage.

A Massage helps increase the circulation of blood flow in your muscle, which helps remove chemical build up causing inflammation…

… which helps relax sore muscle while alleviating pain.

Use Penetrex with your massage, it’ll increase the over all effect, and help decrease sciatica pain and inflammation faster.

3. Hot and Cold

Good old fashioned ice pack and heating pad,“wait there’s no sciatica App?” That’s right kids some of the best methods are the oldest ones.

Start whit ice it bring down inflammation and helps relieves the pain, then follow it up with a heating pad this helps loosens up muscles around your lower back making them functional again.

If you don’t own a heating pad you can make yourself using a long cotton sock, and some rice…

…just fill the sock whit rice and tie off the open end, then place your sock of rice in the microwave for a minute or two, and voila you’ve got one the cheapest, and best heating pads you’ve ever owned.

The best part is you can heat it up over and over again, your sciatica will love you for it.

For faster relief I like to use Penetrex, its all natural and specifically formulated to treat pain and inflammation caused by sciatica.



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Thank you, James M.