About Me

James M. Here…penetrex review blog

I created this blog on sciatica home remedies in hopes of helping others cope with there lower back pain.

Throughout my life I’ve been in several really bad accidents, infect it is a miracle that I’m even alive today.

I was hit by a car going 50MPR. when I was 8years old, severe concussion, bruising internal, external, and over 300 stitches on my head and chin.

At age 11yr. I was nearly killed by high voltage power lines in a tree. I was electrocuted by 20,000 volts and fell 60ft to the ground.

I got 3rd degree burns on 40% of my body, internal bleeding, and a broken jaw….

….I was lucky because the trees branches slowed me down just enough to keep from dying on impact whit the hard rocky ground, this one took me 2years to fully recover.

broke my left wrist at the age of 16yr. rollerblading fell off a ramp, bone punctured the skin and was sticking out about 3inches, I have permanent nerve damage in my left hand because of this one.

Age 26yr. on a job site over 2000lbs of scaffolding fell off of a truck and landed on lucky me, crushed me against and crate of steel scaffolding clamps….

….took 7 big guys just to lift weight of the scaffolding enough to pull me out. my sciatic nerve as been mess-up ever sence.

I’ve broken the right hand twice, both my foot, my tail bone, and I can’t even count how many crashe, bumps and bruises.

As, I get older my pain only gets worse, I have sciatica inflammation all the time, I always have knee pain, and I’m showing signs of early Arthritis conditions.

When it comes to knowing pain I am an export, and I’ve tried just about every type of pain medication you can think of, but there is one I recommend for relief more then any others….

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Thank you for reading…..