Is Your Back and Leg Pain Symptoms of Sciatica?

What is sciatica?

Sciatica is a common condition that effects everything, from your lower back, to the bottom of your feet.

Your sciatic nerve is the largest single nerve in your body, it starts in your lower back, and splits through your hips, buttocks, down both your legs, and to the tips of your feet.

It’s the mean nerve that connects the spinal-cord to the lower half of your body, It’s what controls every south of the boarder.

What causes sciatica?

According to WebMD, Injuries to your sciatica are usually caused by a herniated disk in the lower lumbar of your spine (A.K.A your lower back)…

…This is a separation of the vertebrae (the bones that make up your spine)  do to the deterioration of the round protective disc, and hard tissues that connect, and cushioning the vertebrae.

Your disc are worm down by either injury, or at the hands of good old Father Time.
This deterioration causes the vertebrae to compress onto the softer inner tissues of your disc, making them bulge, and placing pressure on the sciatic nerve, henceforth sciatica pain.

Bone spurs and spinal stenosis can also cause pressure on your sciatic nerve.

What do symptoms look like?

According to research done by the U.S National Library of Medicine, symptoms of sciatica can very, anywhere from mild numbness and tingling, to severe jolting pains running through your lower back, hips, legs or feet.

One of the most obvious signs of sciatica occurs during a cough or sneeze, which is followed, by a jolting shooting pain similar to, that of an electric shock.

Long duration of sitting followed by a jolting pains in your lower back, hips, or legs are also tall tail signs of possible sciatica.

Sudden Loss of bowel and bladder function, this is a rare, but severe cases of sciatica, and should be treated as an emergency situation, one that may require surgery. If, this happens to you call an ambulance (911) or head to the nearest hospital right away.

Pain and weakness in a single leg are also red flags for sciatica.

Shooting foot pains that stop you dead in your tracks, this one can feel a lot like an electric knife stabbing through the bottom of your foot.

Redness, Inflammation and swelling anywhere along the sciatic nerve, is also a sign of possible sciatica.

Remember your sciatic nerve runs from, your lower back down through to both your feet, and sciatica pain can occur anywhere along this track…

…so, if for any reason you feel you may have sciatica, and think, that over the counter treatments aren’t going to work for you, then go see your doctor right away.

You can treat sciatica at home yourself…

…Sciatica is a common condition, and aside from severe cases, it is very treatable at home, so before you panic, and run off to your nearest doctors, try treating it yourself.
It will save you from paying an expensive doctors bill.

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